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Third party harrassment

Well we are make on this merry go round again but this time they are hitting us with full force.
Child protection has implied they recieve a report about us on a regular basis. We have had 2 random visit by workers because of utterly outrageous allegations about our home and lifestyle, we have had a welfare check done on us by the police and the children have been interviewed by the child protection workers 3 times because of the ex's claims.
this is only since our most recent final hearing too - none prior except the ex's allegations in the court room.
I'm wondering is their anyway to stop him and what can I do with the children constantly being questioned about whether I neglect them and whether my new partner abuses them.
this is getting ridiculous, it is not good for the children but is their any way I can stop this - i doubt i'll be able to take it back to court on this if that is the only way, so soon and financially - we are still paying off the lawyer who we started with before self representing.
my ex loves making sly comments infront of other parents at school, I have responded on one occasion that it was a false malicious report and we have been cleared. the ex turned around and said I must be having a mental breakdown and unfit to care for the kids - boom there was the next report.
if anyone knows anyway i can get this to stop please let me know, this is effecting the kids, I can deal with it but it is not doing the kids any good being interviewed over and over again on false allegations so he can try to get the kids.
child protection services seem to be very inconsistent around the country investigating  rubbish claims and not investigating others where there is proof of abuse.

Seems like a case of continual harrassment, have you spoken to your local constabulary about it.

I'm sure  there must be some sort of order a judge can rubberstamp to stop this.

Police seem to like organising protection orders, but you may have to make up some ridiculous allegation for they seem to like acting on scurrilous untruths and avoiding doing so on matters they should act apon.

alternatively you could write to your state minister and ombudsman asking why you are being investigated over and over when its quite clear the allegations were handled in family court and disproven everytime they harrass you.

I would  guess that childrens services are not the only party investigating you also, I would check with centrelink , the tax office and probably csa to see if anonymous tipoffs have them closely monitoring you as well.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of  the time unless they work for CSA and youre a Payee:)
faith, have you spoken to the school principal and the children's teachers?

Two reasons for this:

1) if the repeated interview process is affecting the kids, there may be behaviour/attitude/application changes at school;


2) it never hurts to have mandatory reporters advised of false reports being made against you.

I did this when false allegations were made against my partner, and the kid's teachers were very supportive, and even offered to contact DOCS if further allegations were made to report that they had NO concerns.

Just a though - stay strong ((hugs))

"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it."
Bill Cosby
This makes me so mad. DOCS down here refuse to bother investigating an issue where a child is being coerced into making false statements to authorities (police, expert witnesses etc). The child is very clearly distressed and conflicted and freely admits the statements are not true, but says that when the other parent asks a question "my legs start shaking and I can't stop it". But yet, DOCS won't even so much as interview the child, because "it doesn't meet their threshhold", even though their own website clearly indicates that psychological abuse is a reportable issue! And you faith, can't get them off your back even though the outrageous allegations are clearly turning up nothing time after time! I can inderstand the initial investigation, but how many rubbish reports does it take before they start seeing red flags every time your ex calls?

I think leroy hit the nail on the head - they are just an extremely inconsistent organisation. I realise they are understaffed etc, but it's just such a sloppy system. Rarely do you hear any good coming of a call to DOCS. Oh, and we already tried the ombudsman, and he agreed with DOCS - even though both he and their head office both admitted they had not taken into consideration previous documents (detailing the removal of the child from said parent for three months due to parent's mental illness) before making this evaluation. I hope you have better luck than we did faith! I would DEFINITELY be looking some form of harassment complaint.
We were thinking cause the children had admitted to DOCS that the father told them they should tell people my partner is bashing them and that they don't get fed at my house, docs did nothing. so we were thinking it may be enough to prove psychological abuse in court and file a new form 4 but then i looked at some judgments where they said basically naughty, naughty but we'll keep the same regime of contact.
they tell docs that they will be punished if they talk to me when they see me if they are staying at dads as it's his time, they tell docs that dad has told them I am sick in the head and need to be in hospital. yet same as when they told docs about the sexual abuse - docs interviews him and he denies it - they have even written in the file that he appears to be honest and trustworthy and don't look further into it.

they even investigated a claim on a friend by her ex saying her new partner was touching the kids and the reason the reporter gave for knowing this was "he's a wog, that's what they do" that was deeply looked into all because her ex is a racist.

which state are you in rabbit? (can whisper). most states I know only cover mandatory reporting for sexual and physical abuse.

everyone at the school say the kids are more settled now since court which is a load of you know what. school basically believes the sun shines out of the ex's again you know what so besides long term friends and family I have no-one in support of me. because he is one of those people you would call a home devil/street angel - puts on a great front in public and devil at home to kids and partners.

i too have contacted ombudsmen and local mp but everyone says there is nothing they can do, I'm looking that if there is nothing I can do then this is just going to get worse till they find a report they can make to withhold the children and try to get full residency and then i'm up the creek because I will have so many reports against me.
faith if DOCS have stated that they are closing the investigation as there were no grounds to proceed, contact them (hopefully you have the DOCS officer's name) and request a letter stating the investigation has been closed.

If the ex tries to use the investigations against you in court at some point the letters will be VERY handy to have.

(and I completely understand what you mean by home devil/street angel)

"Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it."
Bill Cosby
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