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Take time to learn

This post I make on behalf of my son, UNOME, and I and I hope the moderators allow this self indulgence.

For those on this site that have followed our journey since June 2008 I would like to say since joining this forum the help and advice is unrelenting. The support is priceless. To anyone new to this site draw from the strength and resources, read and ask questions. I cannot stress on you enough how important it is to listen to the moderators and others sharing their stories and the suggestions put forth.

To digress, we have not seen Little Miss since January, phone contact has ceased since the number is disconnected. All this has amounted to numerous contraventions leaving no option but to return to the Federal Magistrates court.

Verdad and monaro have worked closely with UNOME and me to prepare affidavits, guidance on how to lodge the same with the court, how to serve and shared their wealth of legal knowledge without hesitation.

Their commitment to UNOME resulted in yesterday he stood, self represented before the FM to present his case. Although he got off to a nervous start the FM made Orders we were all hoping for. So it's back to court in May, feeling a lot more confident, with a lot more learning and work to do, with the knowledge we have verdad and monaro for guidance.

In closing we would like to sincerely thank 4mydaughter for being in court in support of our cause, we wish you well as you progress towards a better life with your little girl. To verdad, again our sincere thanks for all you have done and will continue to do. Peace be with you. To monaro, your understanding goes beyond words, your knowledge of family law and ability to share the same, especially in layman's term is priceless. We cannot thank you enough. God bless.

The journey continues and I hope for those that are travelling with me via these posts draw strength from our experiences.

"I don't have tomorrow's grace yet, and I won't need it until tomorrow! We must not be so overly occupied with the future that we lose today. God has hidden the future, so we might trust Him. He is compassionate in doing so. Why waste the present trying to change something you cannot change?

Extract from "Deceived By God" author John S. Feinberg :thumbs:
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