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Spousal Support Issued by USA

Questions on CSA's ability to enforce spousal support issued by US Govt

I recently relocated back to Australia, after having living overseas for many years.  As I earned significantly more than my spouse I was ordered to pay appox USD $4,500 per month to keep him in the lifestyle he was used to.

As I have moved back to Australia I currently earn the same amount as my ex spouse does, he has lodged the Court Order US Divorce Decree with CSA and they have indicated they will enforce this action which will fundamentally take approx over half my take home pay.  My ex and I agreed to a shared parenting order and I paid for all the costs of the children and my removal back to Australia so that my ex could have equal access to the children.

I have taken CSA to task on this matter indicating that an Australian Court could simply overrule this US ruling, as has been done with the shared parenting order, they have responded that this is not the case.

I am stuck between not being able to support my children and having no money due to this spousal support order.  Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions on how to proceed to remove the need to pay the spousal support?

Thanks in advance.
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