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Sperm-donor dad off birth certificate

This is very interesting

I wonder what affect (if any) this will have on the single mothers claim to Sole Parent Pension, Child Support etc
Thank you for posting this article. I received it from SMH this afternoon and I have had an extraordinary amount of email about this particular issue.

We dealt a few years ago with a ridiculous State Labor Government plan to remove the entry field "Father" from the birth certificate and registration papers for BDM in NSW. I campaigned with many others and warned Labor they would be defeated over that issue.

It is quite frankly a completely unacceptable situation and I have yet to see the judgement and hope that the father raises an appeal. One day the child will ask as to the identity of the father and that will be a far more complex task. It is one thing to be a Lesbian family but it is another to obliterate all recognition of how the child came into being and any father details. I will be posting more on this issue through a  news item.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Disgusting, what's next? every mother who considers their child's father as just a sperm donor can change the father status to her new husband. seems the way it's leading.
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