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Would someone be able to let me know if you should automatically get a print out of what the solicitor did to ear the money they are charging? or do you have to request it? and can they charge you more for preparing a proper statement? I got another bill from my solicitor whom has not represented me for quite a while now due to not turning up to my hearing, putting on an appeal without my wanting/being able to pay for it. This bill is in excess of $30 000 on top of $40 000 I had previously paid him but nothing extra has been done, including not coming to my hearing . . . I am not in a position to pay this money without re-financing my home (again) and I just do not believe that this solicitor has done all of this extra work to add up to such a large bill ?!?!? especially when I have not asked anything more of him.
Some advise/guidandce on where to go with this would be greatly appreciated !!
Don't pay it and dispute the claim. It's up to the one making the claim to justify their invoice, whether they are a siolicitor or the local handyman.

If you feel the solicitor is making a fraufulent claim, take it up with the Legal Services commission or Law Society in your state.
Thanks Craigo. My solicitor actually double booked himself for my hearing date and told me that my case was straight forward and that because of the history the father would only get supervised visits. I ended up with a barrister o nthe day who didn't know my case and asked me to write questions to be asked and find documents for him. It was a terrible experience which was made worse by an absent uncaring solicitor and an incompetent barrister.

I will again ask him to send me an itemised account from the start.

if you dont intend to use this lawyer, you should confirm in writing that you no longer wish him to represent you. that should put a lid on any future accounts for services.
You need to talk to the Law Society in your state.

They can advise you. You will need the costs agreement you signed when you engaged the solicitor.

If the bill is recent, you can also ask them if it is worth reviewing what was charged.

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