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School Matters


I'm new here and this is my first post.

The ex did not want to go to mediation for children's matters or property matters. He has dragged everything into the courts.

My kids currently attend a private school. The ex has said he will not be able to continue to pay school fees. He does not want to remove the kids from the school and wants me to pay the fees instead. I cannot afford to pay the fees and keep the kids in that school. If I choose to move the kids to another more affordable school, what are the likely implications?

Are there orders that specify the school to be attended? That should be the first place to start, if it's an urgent issue. An interim order would make the situation explicit while the whole situation is sorted out.

On the fees issue, he could only be liable for half of the fees anyway, unless you have an agreement. He could claim some of that as part of his total CS liability. Are you asking him to pay the fees on top of other CS, or as part of it?

Either way, if there is simply not enough money to pay for the kids to go to that school, that's the fact that has to be dealt with and both of you would do better to agree than otherwise.
I was in a similar situation recently - my eldest was offered a place at private school and I knew I couldn't afford to pay my share.  My ex couldn't afford his share either but insisted private school was the only option.

Via my lawyer, I called his bluff and refused to pay any private school fees - it was all up to him.  Not surprisingly he backed down, and our son will now be attending a public secondary school.

Of course I will pay my share of fees, uniform, books etc - I just wasn't prepared to go into serious debt, with the strong potential for having to pull him out of private school anyway.

It's a matter of logic - your ex can't expect you to pay if you don't have the money.  It's a huge financial commitment to send kids to private school and if he's so insistent they stay there, he needs to contribute.
My ex used to talk about wanting to send my son to private school when we were together. I still want to and was told by csa that if u can get evidence that he agrees the child should attend private school they can enforce his half of school expenses to be paid. My son is 3 and a half.
My ex's barrister has 'trapped' me into agreeing to all sorts of things during my evidence then asked the court to make interim orders about them. I wonder, can I do anything like this myself? i.e "trapping method" with regards to school expenses as I want to book my son into a good school but know I can't afford it all myself.. And I know he will deny he ever agreed to private education when it comes to commiting financially on his own accord..
I know it's not the most honest approach, and I was shocked when his barrister did it to me on several issues..  but I guess if they are allowed to conduct their agenda like that then I should be entitled to as well. Certainly wouldn't be proud of myself for it, but my son deserves a good education, and where I live, the only schools I would trust are private. (I know first hand what most schools and their learning environments are like as I work in schools)

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