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Reduction in visitation days.

HI all,

Just wondering where i stand where my ex-wife decided to cut my days from 2 days to 1 day a fortnight (shared care over the school hols remain,1/2 each) so my cared days fall bellow the 52 days per year?? I have been paying double the amount i have to pay per month plus help out with the kids shoes, phone credit ect…. any advise would be much appreciated.
Do have any current orders in place relating to the children?

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NO its always been arranged by us during the past 10 years with no problems. its only benn the last year or so that things have become interesting with the days beeing changed but its always been give and take.
Without any orders in place you are in a difficult position. In the first instance, if it is possible, I would be speakign with your ex to try and resolve it. Should this not be successful then I would be making arrangements to engage in Family Dispute Resolution, the information for FDR is contained on the Family Law Courts web site.

Is there something which has or may have happened which has sparked the issue?

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas
Ever since the new method of working out child support came out her payments decreased ( as she earns more than what i do..and she has been complaining how it doesnt cover expenses ect… to be fair i paid extra to help out. But to come to this????it came out of left field. Ive contacted the family resolution center and i have an appointment next week as i feel its not fair that i cant see my kids..
Thanks for your advise..
how old are the children? By the time they get to around 14-15 they are often more interested in their own activities than spending time with either parent.

it is your choice to pay extra and that should not have anything to do with access.

Bad Luck

As was stated previously, try to discuss with your ex. If this doesn't work then prepare yourself for a lonnnnnng trip. Basically up the creek in a barbed wire canoe… and… with no paddles,(unless you are rich).
If mediation doesn't work I say cut back the amount you pay to what you are required by law.

Not to be vindictive, but how is it in anyway fair that she gets her cake and eats it too?Being fair and reasonable about nights of care and support paid goes both ways doesn't it? She is flexible and reasonable about the time you spend with the children so you can return the goodwill and be flexible and reasonable about the amount that is paid to support the children??

Well done being a person who goes beyond what is expected of you to the best interests of your children…I applaud you!
Have cut back on the $$ and im paying what the CSA requires me to pay. In mediation at the moment but have been told it could take a while. Thanks to all who have replied. Much appreciated.
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