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Quick question re financial statement

I'm about to start preparing a financial statement as instructed by my lawyer, in preparation for possible court proceedings.

My ex and I haven't agreed on a property settlement yet, so this may end up being settled in court, as well as parenting arrangements.

There are questions on the financial statement under 'Property Owned by You'.  How do I state the value of the property I own if it hasn't been divided up yet?  This would include house, investments and super.

Thanks :)
At this stage you can estimate the value of the house. Put an (e) for estimate, before the figure in the statement. Use the (e) for any estimates you make. In the section where it asks your share, put 100% if it is solely owned by you or 50% if owned with your ex.

It's likely a professional valuation of property will occur down the track, especially if it proceeds to trial but before that an estimate is fine. If you have no idea what to estimate, you could call a realestate and get them to give you an idea.

In relation to super,call you super fund and get a current balance.
Thanks :)

We've already had 3 property valuations of the house, so I'm fairly sure of the value.

We've also had valuations of our super.

The problem is, we haven't decided on property settlement, and therefore don't know what percentage of our assets belongs to each of us.

The house is in both our names, but it looks like I might end up owning the house outright, because he has a stack of super.

Maybe I'll just have to wait until I see the lawyer next and ask her - I'll just guess in the meantime :)
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