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Procedures - amending position in parenting matter

Hello, just a quick question.

My ex and I have received a final hearing date for our parenting matter, after three interim hearings and two family dispute resolution conferences.

When I commenced proceedings, I sought shared parental responsibility because our daughter hadn't been exposed to family violence for a few months and I thought things were improving, but after some serious incidents occurring during proceedings, I can no longer say with any conviction that the orders I'm seeking are in our daughter's best interests.

I wish to amend my position to seek sole parental responsibility and a change of residency.

The court has ordered both parties to file minutes of orders sought, affidavits of evidence in chief and witness affidavits, as well as case summaries and what not prior to the final hearing date.

To amend my position, should I file an amended initiating application as soon as possible and before the hearing documents are due, and then file the hearing documents as well?

Or should I just amend my position as part of the final hearing documents, i.e. in minutes of orders sought and affidavit of evidence in chief?

Thanks in advance.

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Amend in your final documents but make it very clear why you have done so. If anyone witnessed anything you need them to do an affidavit. You will be attacked on your new position and the timing of your new position.

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Thank you, Montverdi, much appreciated.
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