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Parenting Orders Program - confirmation of attendance

How to confirm that the other party has attended.

The orders state (and this was the order of the judiciary) that both parents attend a parenting orders program by Relationships Australia.

The Judge ordered that parties register with RA within one week of the signing of the orders. The orders (by the judge) also stated that if one party does not attend, AND complete the program, AND/OR does not do as required by RA, then the other party is able to take this matter back to court within 24 hours (yes, 24 hours).

So parent A did as the judge ordered, registered within the week, and waited for the intake interview. Interview occurred two months later (yep, RA are on the ball). Course started another month and a half later. Parent A has completed the course, and got certificate. A copy of this certificate has since been passed on to parent B.

Parent A asked parent B on several occassions, if they had enrolled, and when did they anticipate completing etc. Parent B did not give any start date (parent A had provided all dates of attendance by the way). Parent B alluded to the fact that they would finish the course within a few weeks, but that the finish date was not definite. No reason given.

Parent A has asked parent B to confirm that course has been completed, and that parent B provide a copy of the certificate of completion. Parent B has reverted to non-communicative ways that were in place before all the legal proceedings. (As well as breaching other orders). No confirmation, no copy received. Parent A finished course two months ago. Parent B, according to "their dates" would have finished, in theory, at least a month ago.

Parent A goes to RA to ask them to confirm that parent B has completed the course. RA hide behind "privacy', no we can't give you that information. RA's paperwork for the course actually states that RA will confirm, if attendance is court ordered, the attendance of both parties. RA still hiding behind "privacy".

RA's solution - Parent A can go to court to find out if parent B has done the course. What the??????

I'm sorry, but why would you take this to court? And will RA pay the costs for both parties due to their (RA's) failure to provide the necessary information.

So suggestions please.

Oh and by the way, the course is as usefull as **** on a bull. They reiterate that both parents need to communicate politely and assertively, not agressively. But they offer no suggestions as to what to do, how to deal with a parent who refuses to communicate. Whilst parent A was in the RA office, they overheard another parent complaining about something their ex was not doing. The response from the RA "professional" was, oh well, just take this back to court.

Opinion - RA and FRCs are establishments set up to provide an income for social workers. They do not achieve positive outcomes (or at least not a very high percentage), they cop a lot of criticism and flack, and do not in anyway, shape or form,promote an ongoing communicative relationship between seperated parents.

Jumping off soapbox now. How does parent A find out if parent B has done the course?

similar situation I had, If your orders state that RA is to confirm then try what I did, threaten to subpoena them. For me they suddenly jumped at this - for some reason they don't like the idea of being subpoenaed.
did the orders give a set time line or date for course to be completed or proof to be sent, not just on enrolling?

I went through RA for my post seperation course too and found it to be the same and the counsellor even criticised me on several occassions as they asked us each week how our relationship had been with ex in that week and in my case it would change from ex being aggresive to non communicative and then the next week again he could be fantastic, this week alone has been great with ex talking to me like we are good friends but I know this will change next week again - they teach you how to get along if the other parent wants to get along but how are we to deal with these types of personalities where your like friends one week and then the next he is threatening to make your life a living hell.
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