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Parenting order contraventions

Please describe your experiences in handling these, and the outcomes, for the benefit of us all.

Hi there. Apparantly some parents have no regard for parenting orders, and get away with it. I am not there yet, but I can forsee it coming in my situation when an order is put in place in the near future.

I have read a few sites on how to deal with contraventions of parenting orders, and I have read a couple of threads where contravention orders were rejected due to lack of proof.

Can people please equip us with your stories and experiences how to deal with these? And how to put yourself in the best position to aquire evidence so that one would succeed if parenting orders are being ignored. Is there something in my proposal for an arrangement that I can add which will help protect the order from being easily ignored?

Eg, I have heard to bring a witness along. Or to accept changeovers only in public spots, even at police stations, etc. Writing letters for paper trails, or how can the police be involved? Do they help with this sort of thing or do they avoid it because of overworked and under-resourced staff?

Your stories and insights will be great.
Parenting orders hold no weight at all so there can be no contravention

Parenting orders that have been sealed by a judge as consent orders after mediation hold weight.

My experience  in regards to parenting orders was that the mother made them just to delay matters as she did not abide by any of them.

when we agreed to twice weekly phone contact  with the children between 5 and 6 pm 2 days a week this meant to her that I could speak to each child for 5 minutes whilst she was engaging them in a conversation this also meant they could be punished by being sent to bed before my call this also meant she could make sure dinner was on the table at 5.10 pm and I would have to call back later but if i were to call back after 6 pm i could be told they had gone to bed. this also meant they could go out visiting neighbours friends etc at this time and of course she could send the children to stay with whomever and I was not given the number. Holiday time meant she could tell the kids if you stay I will buy you this that or the other. I would then be told the 6 yr old did not wish to visit dad.

This is just a sample of what I went and am still going through. Others will have positive examples. I would hope there are many more positive examples than negative ones.

If you were to read through some Austlii files there are many references to Parenting orders not abided by.

I was told by a former legal representative 2 weeks after mediation when the mother  contravened our agreement that a judge would yell at me for bringing it to a court.

My time so far in court tells me this is probably correct.

Again I would expect most agreements to  be abided by

In my personal opinion most family matters are quite fine with only a minority with disputes with those disputes ranging from minimal to major.

It must be remembered that each case is individual and in your case you know the mother better than any of the rest of us. If you feel she will contravene get the parental agreement sealed as consent orders.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of  the time unless they work for CSA and youre a Payee:)
leroy said
Parenting orders hold no weight at all so there can be no contravention
Incorrect, you are confusing Parenting Plans with Parenting Orders.

Parenting orders made either by consent or by a judicial officer have the same legal weight.

Obviously consent orders that have not been lodged with the Court are meaningless.

Please read this

Lodgement of parenting orders used to be free. The FMC do not charge, the FCoA now does.

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