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At my witts end!

Iam new here and I am a Father

I am seperated with 2 children they live with their mother in another state. A recent proposal was made to me to have my daughter live with me full time by the mum. Interim orders are in place and i did not agree verbally. I had my lawyer write up final orders sought the mother signed them and remember she initiated this proposal. My Solicitor sent the signed orders to the courts for stamping, however the judge asked for a hearing in relation as to why orders were to be changed. I was represented by solicitor mother was not. Judge asked us to speak then asked the mum you are agreeable to these orders?

Mums response…… No iam not we were shocked! Judge (Female) explained there is no agreement i order another resolution confrence our 4th all have failed!And for us to file new affadvits.

I have now been informed that the mum was called by the Judges secretary who told her to opt out of the signed agreement (before the hearing) CMON!What in Gods name can I do can i have a new judge appointed because this situation is very detrimental to my case please help distressed daddy
the only reason i can think of is if the judge didnt think the consent orders were in the childs best interest. other than that the ex may have just changed her mind, which happens.

i dont know what you can do from now, i guess go through the courts to get a resolution.
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