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No engrossed orders - what to do?

I was trying to find if this had been mentioned before but couldn't, maybe hasn't been brought up or maybe wasn't searching for right thing, anyway hoping someone can help me.
The last interim orders in our case were made over a month ago, the ex's solicitor was to type the orders and have them engrossed within 7 days. This still hasn't been done and ex's solicitor has not responded to my last letters about this and also the contraventions already taking place.
I am going to file a contravention as these are major ones that also put the children's safety at risk but I can't till I get engrossed orders to file with.
Not sure what I can do, it was directed order by court that orders be engrossed within 7 days.
Can anyone help?
Hi faith,

I would go down to the family court and ask the duty solicitor,(ring before you go to make sure of the times they will be there) I did that a few times in my case and got answers to my questions about court procedures.

If you catch them when they are not too busy they are really quite helpful I found….. just a thought?
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