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Mentaly Errative Step mother lodging false domestic violence claims


I am 25 years of age and I have been living at home with my father and his defacto partner with whome has been living with us for 6 years. My step mother has been on and off medication for depression for a while now and recently underwent an operation for cancer to which we were nothing but suportive throughout. Soon after her recovery she infomed us of a 2 week long buisness trip overseas she had been asked to do; once again my fatehr was totaly suportive of her in this. Whilst overseas we had not heard from her until day 4 of her trip, we were a little angry to say the least because we were all worried as were her daughters who are 12 and 13 years of age. (they are not our relatives by blood, the daughters are from her previous marriage and the father is dead)

After she finaly contacted us she continued to make little contact with us and when she finally did she would promise her daughters she would make contact on a certain day, only to have no contact on that day, this was making the girls quiet distraught and upset. Long story short (er) she did not come home until 1 month after her departure, she made no contact to inform us of these extended weeks. (the only reason I found out when she was arriving was by calling her boss a day before she was due home after the supposed "2 weeks")

Upon arriving home my father was out and I picked her up and went out, when I arrived home she informed me that she had called the police because she did not feel safe here when my father got home. We got into a heated argument and she started screaming "I want to kill myself, i pray to god for the courage but I can never do it I hate my life" in front of her daughters. I tried getting them into another room but the refused but were crying. She also got in my face telling me to hit her, ( I wasin no way threatening her except for a raised voice)once this happened i walked away from her saying shes crazy, I came back into the room with a lowered voice to settle her down. After which she spoke at length to me about how much she hates her life and its not just my father that makes her unhappy. The police arrived after my father got home and they interviewed us separately and concluded that she was making a deal of nothing and that she should see somebody like a councilor. A few days later she told us she was going shopping and never returned, a few days after that my father and I were served a temporary domestic violence order, to which we are to appear in court in a week or so. We also received a copy of her application for this and in it she has stated that she had caught me going through her purse and I smashed mer mobile phone, then threatened to "smash her" and that she fears for her safety from me. All of these this are complete fabrications but I'm a little concerned that because she is a women with two children, (whom she by now has no doubt brainwashed the hell out of them) that I may loose this, even though I have dedicated so much time and effort to mediating the talks between her and my fatherso that they could keep the peace.

I would also like to mention that whilst she was overseas we found a copy of a mental health evaluation that stated she has suicidal tenancies. When she would become enraged I threatened her by telling her that if she didnt calm down I would call DOCs. My father also suggested calmly that perhaps they should go to couples councilor if shes not happy with her relationship with him and that he would go with her to a therapist so she didnt feel alone. Shes dead set out of her mind and is in a mind state that everyone is her enemy. Even the police that attended the call out on the day she got home suggested that they all take my advice a little more often because I seem to have my head on straight. Now I cop this  from her??

What do I do?

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