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Medical student paper work, a very interesting one!

A story from a medical student when she got an interview for their paper works about hip joints, its problems, operation nor surgery they had been through. Jane was a great friend of my daughter when she pass by on our home and talk about what she had experience about interviewing people in different cases and aspects of hip surgeries. She meet an old lady name Ana who was in hospital to had on her 2nd hip replacement surgery with stryker rejuvenate hip implant. Ana said that she was suffering from hip pain a few months later after her 1st operation that cause her life more miserable. The device stryker hip implant was failed that was cause her to lessen mobility and create pain. Jane research about this kind of hip replacement system and she found out that this device was voluntarily recall by the manufacturer stryker corporation. Many patients file for stryker hip lawsuit to claim for their much-deserve compensation and all their losses. I was a bit worried and feel so sorry for those who are affected with this kind of dilemma on their lives.
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