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mediation or court.

ex refusing contact

Advise needed please.

My Partner has not seen his son for 8 years, the mother was granted a recovery order for the children on the 24 december 2003, and as a result of this recovery order the court ordered that all orders be suspended and that the father could not remove the children with out another court order. The matter went to court and my partner walked out before the hearing because he felt that he could not take any more false accusations, and in the best intrest of the children he gave up and let her have them. The matter was then ordered to be stood down.

He has never stoped loving this child and over the years had tried on many occasions to contact him, the mother has always refused to let him see him or talk to him.

He has always belived that the court orders meant that he could not have any contact with the child. I suggested to him that he applied to the court to read his case file and read what what orders there was.

He was given permission to read the files and was quite shocked at the lies she told to get the recovery orders. He again tried to contact the child this time by facebook, he sent him a message saying that he would like to talk to him. The reply that came back was another accusation " you are not my father you have not seen me since i was 3 years old and you sexualy assulted both my sisters and you are a drug addict "  . this message has now given him the insetive to make contact with the child. if the child belives this then this is what the mother has told him.

the child older sister lives with us, but the mother was not aware of this. and she is willing to write a affidavid to the effect that all the allegations the mother is making are false.

He has now going to go through the mediation process to try and come to some sort of contact and has a appointment this week.

if she dosent attend mediation the he will get the certificate that is required to go to court, he will be self representing.

What we would like advise on is, because it will be a new application will the past be brought up and if so can he cross examine the mother on her affidavid to get the recovery order. one of the resons that the recovery order was issued was that the son was suffering with sleepless nights and bed wetting because of the trama of witnessing a family row. this was stated in her application on the 24 december the next day she flew to queensland for a holiday and left the son with a male border for 3 weeks.

Any advise on how to ask for contact would be welcome.
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