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Making the world a better place- Capping divorse allowanes

After putting a lot of thought into the topic and the injustices which currently exist in the family law system.
I have a lot of time into thinking on how I could improve the family law system. Here it goes-

When a relationship ends how can we define "reasonable re-establishment expenses" for the party
who was married into the wealth of another spouse? For years I could never grasp the concept that
the leaving party would be entitled to 50% of the estate even after a relatively short relationship.

So here goes my opinion of a system which better represents the interest of justice.

The formula I think the courts should follow is simple and based on reasonable benefits
payable to the leaving party. This should be based on a sliding scale of either 50% of the estate
OR a maximum of $50,000 of relationship duration adjusted annually for inflation, whichever is higher. -

In this case either $450,000 OR 50% of the estate would be payable after nine years, and $500,000 or
50% of the estate after 10 years, $1000,000 or 50% of the estate after 20 years and so on.

Under this system parent A could marry with $5million of assets to parent B and die after 4 years and
parent B would only be entitled to $200,000 while the children would be entitled to $4.8Million dollars
between them.

As children should always have a higher entitlement than newly integrated step parents their benefit
should be the most significant as they have had a relationship with their parent since birth while step
parents may have only been in the family for several years. This is my contribution of ideas to the family
law system.

Please add your comments and thankyou.


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