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lier wife

Hi anyone pls help need advise brothers now ex abusive towards my brother...she called the police on him and said he hit her ...he swore black and blue he didnt ..the police took him away in hand cuffs ...he was given a six month order...he is alowed to go get his things and speak to his 2 boys ....but she is nasty and his scared she could call the police again and make it worse for him ....she wont let him see the boys without her there ...he dosnt trust her and dosnt want to get into any more arguments in front of his boys...she has lied about everything ....what rights does he have he misses his boys ...but she wants all the control .......... :(
Hi carm, I suggest you google or call your local Family Relationship Centre for information on what to do next. Talk with your brother about mediation . Mediation takes time to set up but is the first step when parents are still raw from the break up.

He needs to not be scared and be strong, see the children and NOT buy into any arguments . Visit the children often listen to them love them, play and talk with them. If mum starts, kiss the kids tell them he loves them and will see them again soon. WALK away from the aggrevation. He will probably cop an ear bashing for a while yet until all settles down.

Above all try not to be angry with mum (not an easy discipline but for the kids) , you all and the kids have a life time with her in the picture.
what  if he trys to see his kids ,,,, And she decides to call the police on him saying he was giving her threats  ,,even though he wasnt ..police are going to belive  her as they didnt not listen  to what he had to say  they just took him away  …..   she is the abuser she belts him and trys to push him down stairs  controls  all his moves ..he lets her do this  cause he didnt want to  live with out his kids   cause he loves them so much ….thats why  he took it ,,,,she the abusive one …. now she telling the kids there father dosnt want  to be around them …omg  im so angry  fathers ralso need to be heard ,,,kids need to  be asked  there the ones that see it ……:((((
Yes I hear you and maybe he could give it a go phoning the children for a while ?

Keeping a diary of his efforts to contact the children and what happens at visits will help when mediation happens. I am not sure how he would go bringing a third person along for visits with the children but that may be an option.

Or Family relationships centre could could give him the number for supervised visits centres.

Family violence swings both ways. I am not saying your brother is guilty of what has happened . Alot of abusers point the finger at the victim. Covering his bases by trying to see the children any way he can and opting out of the turmoil is keeping the window open for the children .
thanks  for your reply splash i will let him know tonight ..much appreciated ….. ;)
Take someone with him at all times. A witness if needed.
Meet in public place, it is a non-threatening environment for all and there are others around so she is less likely to make these false allegations.
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