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Legal Aid Family Dispute Resolution Conference

Anyone attended one of these?

Wondering if anybody has experience with legal-aid family dispute resolution conferences. Quick background:-
-       My fiance has 2 children
-       His ex refused contact and mediation. Went thru court. She is legally aided, we are not (fees in excess of $35K)
-       Had family report done, was in my fianc's favour. We agreed with report writers recommendations (every 2nd weekend, 1 night during the wk, however at the time, it was recommended that visitation gradually build up to every 2nd weekend, 1 night during the week as children were kept from my ex for 8 months)
-       Went back to court after family report, got consent orders reflecting report writers recommendations, but ex would not commit to final orders just yet. She wanted to "see how it goes" before committing to every 2nd weekend, 1 night during the wk. 
-       In court, our solicitor tells us legal aid do not want to continue funding the ex (since family report was in our favour, legal aid will not fund a case that they will lose). Legal aid tell ex that to resolve everything, they will hold a family dispute resolution conference, as they do not want to keep going back to court for her since essentially they think she will lose if she continues to fight us. 
-       At this conference/mediation, we will be asking for final orders mirroring the family report writers recommendations.

We were told in Court that if she were to go against the report writers recommendations, it would be very difficult for her. Therefore, is it safe to say that we wont have a problem getting these orders at this legal aid mediation? Is that the way it usually works?

I believe she didn't want to commit to final orders at the time because she truly did want to see how the children were coping with everything. I am just concerned she (or her solicitors) might has something up their sleeves (if that's possible).
Hi STL, just wondering, is the mother a passive agressive? Or she just want to see how far you guys will go for the kids before you give up on them?

Cheers P2P
I do believe she shows passive aggressive behaviour. She seems lovely at change-overs etc, but then again she took off with the kids for over 6 months and she has bad-mouthed my partner to the kids in the past. So its hard to know whether she is genuine or not, its hard to see her being so lovely to us… knowing what she did in the past.. its confusing!
I do believe she wanted my partner to eventually 'give up' so that she could continue her life with her new boyfriend playing daddy.. but he was never going to give up. Hard work paid off in the end.

I hope we can all get along (genuinely) as she seems very nice and we occasionally have a chat, but its just hard to trust that shes being genuine.. we are trying though :)  
Maybe she wants a relationship (of sorts) with him? I am going through the same issues too STL...
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