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legal aid and my situation

OK  here is my story in a nut shell, last year i instigated mediation between my ex and myself as she  has a bad habit of not giving me the children correctly , this has happened about 35 times in the last 4 years and i wanted some more custody of the children she made no attempt to respond to legal aids letters or phone calls..

So i was granted a certificated for court and a lawyer was assigned to me. i told him my story and he said i should go for more time (4days a week) as the mother has issues  and we should contrevein her  i was given the paper work for this to return to him

Next appointment was a revision of the first appoitnemnt and to hand in the paperwork he said he would start everything off.. Now next is where i put my foot in it

Four months went by with nothing i contacted the lawyer and they said no paperwork or nothing else has been submitted. I contacted legal aid to find out do i expect thins on legal aid  the person i was speaking to was the grants officer  i told her what was going on , she was rude and about and said we cant fund you for what you want and instantly put my funding on hold until i appealed.

Four weeks went by i rang again she said my i was next on the list to be looked at , I put my foot in it again rang the ex and said lets sort this out .I got a letter back from legal aid saying mediation was organized by my ex everything else went down the drain

Had mediation on the Monday just gone  i agreed with everything except the actual time (we were in separate rooms as she cant face me) i have the children Sunday 3.30 to Sunday to Wednesday 9am .  She offered Friday 3.30 to Monday 9am alternated week. so she offered less

Instantly my lawyer  No way   he told me will fight this. I asked him what  about getting extra funding for this he said because she offered less and didnt attend the first mediation  he would be very surprised if i didnt get it…

I did agree with everything else she said though, i  was worried about how i preformed he said i preformed very well

Now my first question is do you think the lawyer is correct as she didnt attend the first mediation and offered less

i was going for more than half and contravening her until i put my foot in it

i apoligise for my bad spelling and grammer.
Hi shannon74,

I'm actually pretty much a novice to mediation as I only ever got the opportunity to do it once, but I'd be guessing that given a recent mediation (after the certificate) has taken place where agreements have been reached that this would invalidate and previous mediation attemps and certificate.  This could be incorrect mind you, as like I said I'm a novice but it certainly does seem like the most logical answer…at least to me.


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I needed help with my case and couldn't afford a lawyer and found these guys invaluable
thanks any opinions advice appreciated..

i should also say that if the funding doesnt go through i will self represent. So i will have alot of learning to do

Legal Aid Lawyers and Self Representation

shannon74 said
thanks any opinions advice appreciated..

i should also say that if the funding doesnt go through i will self represent. So i will have alot of learning to do
  Whether or not you receive a grant of Legal Aid, it is wise to learn as much as you can about Family Law and how it applies to your situation.

It is a basic reality that the more knowledge you are, the easier it is to evaluate any advice offered by your lawyer, should you have one.

It is also wise to start straight away. If you find yourself without a lawyer, then you have not lost so much time and won't have as much to do or learn at "The last minute"

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