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Likelihood of Change to Interim

Interim orders are precisely that- temporary orders made without the evidence being tested. The arrangements you describe are fairly conventional interim orders where a parent needs to build a relationship with a parent. So in the end, you will find the Magistrate will have no trouble making Final Orders which are different from the Interim Orders. That is in the unlikely case that the magistrate is actually left to decide. In reality most cases settle by consent - well over 90%.

Yes a person can object to the family report, but the objection is usually unsuccessful. The court prefers that a person who disagree with a family report ask the Report Writers question during Cross examination during the Final Hearing or Trial. Yes - Family Reports can have a significant influence of the Courts decision but the court is not bound to accept the report's recommendations.

On the issue of the children's reports about what dad is saying. Don't get too caught up in it. If you must respond to the children - simply say that is not true. I would mention it to the family report writer when your interview occurs.

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
Hi There,

I have just been through the whole court process and ended up having consent Final Orders signed off and delivered to the court one day before the trial date!
My advice (purely based on my experience and what worked for me):
1.   Do your research. Being on this website is a great start. However, try and read up on cases where the magistrate has made Final Orders. Look at what they have on there and read, read, read. Write things down that you think are relevant to you and what you would like as your outcome re time spent with Father.

2.   Find a really good psychologist who deals in family dispute/custody issues for counselling. They cost around $200 an hour, much cheaper than a solicitor and they can support you through the mind field you are heading into. I found mine invaluable. Its ironic, that lots of people say its all about the children and getting along etc etc. But simply, I found it hard to get my head around how that is exactly possible in my situation. And when I started I told her that and she told me its possible! :-) And towards the end of our sessions I believed her. It will never be perfect but the way I behave makes it the best that it can be (even though he hasn't changed at all!!!). Your comment about what the Father said to your children is also something we talked through.

I feel this is a minimum. I dont know about anyone else, but I work as professional full time and throughout my career I have had loads of training. Yet I here constantly in relation to Family Law that people walk in thinking because they are right they will get the outcome they expect. Hmmm… Interesting I think. Education is the most valuable tool in my opinion and the way to get that, is to employ the services of people within the industry. Just thinking you are right isnt enough. You need to understand why and explain that to everyone you interact with!

3.   The Report Writer can usually be picked by you and the other side. My advice here is if you can book into see a good psychologist attend a session and make sure ou are comfortable with the counsellor if you feel you are you can ask their advice on who they think would be good for yourself and the children. Get three names and then ask the other side to pick one. If you think a female is better to have then so be it, but be very careful about how you express this it could be interpreted as you trying to not develop male relationships for your children. This could be seen as a way for you to hinder the relationship with their Father. Im not saying it is the case. However this is why I think it is important to get counselling to support you through this process.

I found psychologist/counsellor very supportive in helping me focus on the important points to discuss at the report writing session. You only get such a short time and they are very observant on everything, facial expression, how you respond to questions, body language. If you keep reading on this website you may come across some very unhappy people in regards to the report they received. My experience is that they can get some things wrong, but the good ones write based on what they observe in the session not just what you say. So essentially, its like an interview everything is taken into account (eg: your choice  of words and way you respond now becomes super important etc).

I hope I have been able to be of assistance to you.
I wish you the very best of luck.
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