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IVO and The FAMILY LAW ACT 1975 - SECT 68R

How to have Sect 68R removed from IVO?

I  have been served with an IVO on 16th August. The Interim IVO has suspended my Court Orders as my ex wife has included my daughter in the IVO. I have not commited any criminal offence. I have no Criminal Record. I have no history of family abuse. My ex claims that I have threatened to kill her partner and that I am verbally abusive to her and my daughter to summarise. I went to legal aid as I have a hearing 31 August and I intend on stating that I Do not Consent and asking for will be asking for her to show just cause. My heart in the mean time is broken because I'm unable to see my daughter who is my best friend - she is only 10 years old. Legal Aid told me that the interim IVO was just a decoy from her to have the matter taken to the Federal Magistrates Court with intent to disolve my existing Court order which grants me shared care. I don't have the money for a Solicitor and I don't qualify for Legal Aid. I can't beleieve the insanity of the justice system. I am presumed a thug and guilty and then have to prove myself innocent over mere accusations. I do however appreciate that there are people who do need IVO's. I am definately not one and pose no threats and never will.

If anyone can tell me how to go about having the SECT 68R removed from the IVO I would be very grateful. I intend to represent myself and I want to do this quickly as I miss my daughter. Legal Aid also stated that I should take an IVO out on her current partner who verbally abused me and pushed me over in there driveway in an unprovoked attack. Legal Aid also mentioned that I could try to have the existing Order overturned to ask for full custody of my daughter on the gounds that my ex wife shows that she has no regard for the relationship I have with my daughter by initiating the SECT 68R where there is no evidence to support her claim other than a statement.

P.S I mention Legal Aid because I had a free 15 minute session today.

Any advice would be welcomed.

Thank you.
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I concur with MikeT. 

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