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Interstate Travel

Hi, Just wondering if it is required to gain approval to travel interstate from the other parent. Or a requirement to notify them. Travel only 1-2 nights maximum and during 'my time'. We don't have anything about interstate travel in consent orders.
Thanks for your help.
My understanding is that if it isn't specifically in the orders, then its entirely up to you what you do on "your time".

My cousin has it written into their orders that they are not allowed to leave the state. Its a ridiculous order. She visits us from Sydney in our town on the border of NSW / VIC and we can't pop across the river for lunch. Insanity.
Wow that is maddness! Thanks for your help. Despite keeping other parent informed of travel they are now demanding I gain their approval as 'it is their right'. Needless to say they never travel anywhere. Painful.
If there is nothing in the Orders, then no, it is not their right. You would have to advise of international travel, but not interstate travel. Have a nice holiday.
Unless it was in the Orders, you would only have to advise of international travel if it interfered with their time - or if you needed them to sign for the passport.

Its polite to give the other parent notice - but you aren't obligated to unless its in the orders.
Courteous yes, and will help to build a more constructive working relationship in the future- obligatory no.

"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realise that what you heard is not what I meant."

Thank you everyone for your information. We travel interstate quite frequently and usually give notice and advise the other parent ahead of time. I agree it is a courtesy but unfortunately the courtesy is ever reciprocated and the other parent uses the information to 'play games'. Just wanted to check where we stand.
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