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How to adjourn? Help!

My partner has a final hearing date in 2 weeks. However after 4 mediation sessions, they seem to be slowly but surely moving in a forward direction.

Therefore at this stage the best outcome could well be an adjournment. Especially given both parties have severe anxiety at the thought of court but are not backing down on 'time with kids'.

He has no legal representation. How does he request an adjournment?
You write to the courts and ask for the letter to be forwarded to the FM or Judge (whichever is appropriate in your case) Associate and ask for an adjourment and give your reasons.  Include any documentation to back up your request.  If the other parent agrees then you state that in the email and say you are copying the other parent in on it.  If the other parent disagrees, you state that and still copy them in on it.  That is what I did when we had no legal reps involved.

My ex now has a lawyer who only Friday wrote in for an 'administrative' adjournment as we are trying to settle the matter by consent.  The letter asked for the time when we want the matter adjourned to.

If your partner's ex has a lawyer then they would be the first people to talk to about this.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
If the other parent agrees then have them sign a letter requesting a joint adjournment and send it to the associate. State in there that the adjournment is requested because settlement by consent may be possible.
Be aware that an adjournment may mean a new date is a long way off.
You can come to an agreement up to and on the day. This then can be immediately put to the court on your hearing day.
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