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The events occurring in front of the courts today in Brisbane highlight the pains and tribulations that proceedings before the Family Courts can bring and the results that can follow. While the Family Courts have made many inroads in providing a less adversarial setting and relaxed atmosphere, for those of us who venture through those doors there will always be stresses about the unknown, the what ifs and in many cases the end result. But even in a worst case situation there is still avenues for exploration.

My point. Bad Judgments are going to arise against some of us from time to time, without sounding unemotional, we need to suck it up, take it on the chin and concentrate on how to change things rationally. These things are not final in the overall scheme of things, what is final is acting out on impulse thinking that things are too overwhelming when they are not. There is a wealth of support that is available to each and every one of you visiting this site from individual posters through to the execs and the various groups.

Today's events where a tragedy, lets not let it happen again. If you need help ask!!

Man sets himself alight at Brisbane district supreme court

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The events of yesterday in Brisbane where a 60 year old man hurt himself is indeed a tragedy.  It appears that he too was a victim of a corrupt family court system, a system of many flaws, a system of bias.  As we are different, we react differently under similar circumstances.  I'm still overwhelmed by the tragedy and corruption which occurred in my case.  But where do I go for help?  It's okay to say there is help out there but where?  Each person has their own story, a unique set of circumstances and events surrounding them. I will say that mine are horrendous!. It's often these circumstances and events which can wear an individual down.  We need to be cautious of not judging people and their circumstances too hastily, but seek to understand this tragedy and many others to learn from them to prevent further tragedies like it.

Darrin White was only 39 when he took his life. The following is a letter written by his daughter, Ashlee.

I am writing on behalf of Darrin Bruce White. I am the oldest of his four children. My name is Ashlee A D Barnett-White. I am angry at the justice system and Maddy White ( my step mother ). No one would listen to my father , no one would give him a chance to speak. In this century everyone hears the woman and not the man , this is a very sexist matter that needs to be dealt with.

My dad was an abused husband, he was abused by his wife, and the justice system. My dad was a very good father and wanted the best for all four of his children , his children at this time are 14, 10, 9, and 5. All of us children were his life. He wanted everything he could possibly give to his children and what he couldn't. The most important thing he gave his children were his love, and being there for them. He loved all of his kids equally, and with all his heart. He was a kind man who fought a good fight but no matter what he did or said, he could never win with this system. Things need to change for all fathers going through this same thing. We need to help, too many kids go without a father because of this , too many kids are hurt.

My dad would never hurt anyone. He was strong, caring and tried to help as much as he could.

Now Maddy is trying to keep away from the people that really loved him, were he was born and raised, and were his family lives. I know in my heart this is wrong and somebody has to do something. My grandfather and my uncle are out in Prince George at this very time fighting for him. And for his rights. Please help bring my daddy home were he belongs, and were he would like to be. I know deep down in my heart if you help we will win , and help every other father out there without his rights.

I may be 14 but I know where he belongs, and so do you. Please bring my daddy home.

Sincerely with thought,
Ashlee A D Barnett-White

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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.  M K Gandhi
The man yesterday was actually 39yrs of age, not 60 as the media had thought, and died at 12:15 this morning. 

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas
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