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High court

How to move for a high court apeal

I have biase agianst me by the Federal and family court and believe I won;t have a chance of impartial hearing in the family court, I believe the only will have a fair and just hearing in front of the high court.

How can I move to the High Court ?
Sounds like you're spinning your wheels a bit, mate. There are lots of very helpful people here, but they'll need to have some details of exactly what's happened and what is about to happen, as well as what you want as an outcome.

Don't get yourself worked up unnecessarily and focus on the task at hand. It's a pretty tough road sometimes, but it still disappears behind you one step at a time. Focus on that next step.

good luck.
I have an injunction from the Brisbane federal magistrate 'not to discuss the case, except with a lawyer'
You can discuss anything with anyone, as long as you don't identify the parties. The details of the case don't need to involve the names or any identifying detail of the parties. Why was the injunction sought and granted?
Because LAQ complained to the court I spoke out about the case on my blog ... back to topic ... How can I move to the High Court ?
If the blog identifies the parties, they're justified in doing so.

The High Court is not somewhere you want to go.
why not the High court ?
First, the cost.
second, the cost.
Thirdly, unless there is a serious point of law at issue, the High Court will not hear it.
fourthly, your appeal path has a long way to go before you get to the High Court
fifth, the cost
on what grounds can I make an appeal?
That's a bit of a tough question without knowing the details
how do I apply for a high court appeal, what is the process, grounds could be ?
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