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Help with complaint letter to Legal Aid

Legal Aid Complaint


I would like to write a letter to Legal Aid complaining on their waste of tax payers money funding a narcicist woman who has taken me to court 3 times over visitation rights. The allegations are crazy. She gets away with slanderous writings in a communication book and will just keep going. Her ploy is to cost me as much money as possible and has told me so. Is there any way of protesting? Can I say I am going to newspapers, tv and others? or do I just have to grin and bear it.?
Hi Chlova…your plight is shared by many of us.  When the case becomes before the court, again and again etc…there must be some bona fide reason for the matter to be entertained…and the FMC or FamC the common law hurdle is the tests in Rice and Asplun when it comes to children's matters etc.  However, I think that legal aide funding (depending on which state/terrority jurisdiction) is only granted if there was a want for a successful prosecution, that is, there must be a reasonable probility of success.

Further to this, the next time you are finding yourself having to, yet again, respond to another court application, request that prior to dealing with the substantive issues raised in the initiating application, test the other party with a cross application in saying that you feel that the applicant vexitatious by continually bringing applications that are trivia in nature and a waste of public resources.  Good Luck.
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