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Help re Trouble in the Ex's Family

domestic violence and access

My ex and his new partner are having a lot of problems with her ex. (see other forum topic.)

The father of her eight year old is really making a lot of trouble for them. There are violence issues and at the moment there is an interim AVO for both her and her son against him.

He has a solicitor that has just rang her to ask her if she has representation and that she has to go to court in June.

The solicitor also said she was representing him for the AVO at our local court. She can't get legal aid because she earnt too much money last financial year (?) if she is now not earing that much can she get legal aid?

Are the DART team able to help her get representation?

This is such a joke if he can get unsupervised visit I'm pretty sure he will take off with him.

What can she do?

Help Available

I would suggest you apply for membership of SRL-L. Help is available.

I would also introduce your new friend to this site and suggest they join too.

Be warned though, you will have to do some home work. Our goal in SRL-R is to help peope learn to run their own case.

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
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