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 hi Everyone

We now have to have a family report done soon  would anyone have any helpful advice about any aspects of having a report done?..I have been told that these reports largely influence a magistrates decision


No not really, the other parent should rightfully be notified prior to the change unless there are mitigating circumstances. However, legally there is no such direct requirement unless included in court orders. However, the courts, if such a matter were brought to their attention, could consider the act of not informing the other parent as contrary to the best interest of the child or children and/or perhaps an act that is not administering adequate parental responsibility.

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Take into consideration that you are being observed from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave - not just when you are actually being interviewed.

I was surprised that how my daughter greeted her father in the waiting room, how she reacted when I left the room etc were all included in the report.

The other thing I'd say is stay child focussed. This process isn't about you - its about making the best decisions for your child.
I read part of a book written by the Australian Social work association which falsely claims that psychologists that write Family reports and child welfare assessment reports may not be questioned by parties to proceedings whilst in court.
    If this happens to you, stand up for yourself.        
I did, and eventually I got a finding that the caseworker/ social worker for a child did fabricate evidence and cause a miscarriage of justice. The false evidence caused the young 'fresh out of uni ' psychologist to make mistakes. The report writer also never spoke to the primary carer. So try to insist they spend time with you.
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