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evidence at trial

Help please, I have DVD that I need to enter as evidence

How do I enter my video dvd evidence into the court record as it is my main evidence,?

I tried annexing to an affiadvit but it was rejected.

 'Family Court of Australia' … "Affidavit: This was declined for filing as you can not "annex" a CD/DVD. You should seek legal advice re seeking such items as evidence at a trial."

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My ex sent me broke, then left, I had legal aid that stopped, I am reapplying and may get legal aid on the grounds the respondent is seeking new orders at trial 27 28 Feb, for passport, citizenship, full responsibility over our 2yo son and to take him to Thailand on the pretence of a 1 month visit. In reality she has no intention of returning him to Australia.
She admits to Child Safety no DV, claimed public housing on false premise.
The video shows he won't go to her at change over, he is scared of her, cries and runs away, supported by my Mum's affidavit, my affidavit and the respondents admitions in her affidavit.
He has a bad ICL that isnt telling the truth, I caught her out right lying in the letter of appointment to the report writer, she wrote the mother supports shared care but the father doesnt, the complete opersite to the truth, she failed to provide the report writer the video evidence, that I handed up to the magistrate with my affidavit at the second mention.
The ICL is acting out of bias, discrimination and possibly bigotry, she is fully aware his primary attachment "PA" is with me, but bias and corrupted reports say PA is with the respondent, I mentioned the PA is in dispute to the report writer offered him video as evidence. His report he claimed he couldn't play the video, and at the end of the report he claimed he has completed and investigated this matter fully.
I am looking for urgent legal advice.
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