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Evidence Allowed & Contravention

I am sorry I ask so many questions, I actually feel bad to keep asking when I am not familiar enough with the system to respond to others but I would really like some help on this issue as I can not understand all the court stuff relating to evidence.
My ex has hit yet another all time low act which I won't discuss here in public incase he can pick me but I really need to take this to court now either for contravention or change of orders.
My first question is what documents do I need for contravention and what will a contravention do as he has been told in the past by my lawyers and his to comply previously yet he still doesn't follow, if all a contravention does is till him to follow the orders then I doubt it will work as he said to me the orders don't suit him anymore. All I can find on the family law courts page is an application for contravention, is that all I need and which court do I apply through?
Also in regards to evidence for both applying for change of orders and a contravention, what evidence can I use, emails? doctor and specialist reports? text messages? voice recordings even of the children mentioning his behaviour and language towards me? previous affadavits? jumping ahead of his accussations saying I have a mental illness and submitting a mental health assessment showing I am perfectly normal? jumping the gun and also seeing a specialist about my child's condition to prove that it is real and they have gone out of their way to overturn it? a diary of events?
Or will I need affadavits from the doctors, specialists and therapists?

I really appreciate the support everyone gives here and I really want to say a big thanks in advance to anyone who reads this and those who answer.
I think you would be better to join the SRLR group. Contraventions and change of orders are a minefield. It would help keep your posts private so he cannot pick on you.
There are many posts on the site forums about contraventions. Have you used the forum search facility. There are also even more posts about changed circumstances and changing court orders which is not easy to do. As stated by Conan it is a minefield because there are reasonable excuse provisions in contravention proceedings and you can easily find yourself winning a contravention but loosing on the reasonable excuse provisions and paying quite large cost orders.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
 Was my post helpful? If so, please let others know about the FamilyLawWebGuide whenever you see the opportunity
Thanks for the responses. Although I am quite familiar with web programs I find the search feature here very difficult as I am not used to it. I have however been looking through bit by bit of each section of the forums since I first signed up here.
I asked about evidence as his excuse is the orders don't suit him anymore as well, I have this on both sms and email.

edited to add for site admin:
The title search feature also sends me back strange error messages, as I tried it to look for a specific post the other day.

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faith said
I have however been looking through bit by bit of each section of the forums since I first signed up here.
The forums are just a small part of the site, you really need to start from the 'Web Guide' area (located in the top menu bar)

The very first forum on the site 'New Site Visitors Questions and Answers' contains some screen print material from the senior moderator.

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A voice recording of your kids is perhaps one to leave out. Setting up a microphone is a deliberate act. Hence, it could be easily argued that the kids were coersed into making statements for the benefit of the recording.

I appreciate that you may have made the recording for the purpose of getting the kids to repeat what they had already stated, but I doubt that it would look that way in court.

Of course, I could be wrong, I quite often am…

pariah  :)
pariah said
A voice recording of your kids is perhaps one to leave out.

Anyone trying this on in Court will likely result in you being thrown out along with the recordings.

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 

Recording conversations is an area where many angel's fear to tread

In most cases the recording will either directly or indirectly have some impact upon the children who are part of the current dispute. In that
manner, your actions may damage your case and be seen by the Court as actions that
have little regard to the welfare of the children.

Have you joined the SRL-R group, as Conan mentioned?

Yes, I had my suspicions that the recording wouldn't be allowed. It was on several occassions after changeover occured that the recorder had still been going from dealing with my ex and I have kept all these to show that he is not willing to speak, only to respond as a dissappointed temper tantrum child (i am not trying to be insulting but without explaining face to face or hearing it, it is undescribable, this is the closest I can describe).
My children started a while ago mentioning things that didn't sound right even to them, as soon as he had driven off. I only found that some of the children's comments were on the recordings when I was cataloguing them a few days ago. But I was hoping for this due to it being common in most people I know's orders that they can not insult the other parent while the children are around - I am unsure how you would be able to prove such things then.
I have been told though that the recordings of speaking to the ex would be allowed due to having warned him in the past.

If someone can let me know more so that sms and email can or can not be added I would appreciate it?
Thanks so much, I do appreciate all the advice and experience you all give even if it is not what I want to hear LOL. I have taken on board many comments people have made and agog I have been looking at the web guide and the family law book, I have a lovely program that allows me to highlight text on webpages and I must say a lot is highlighted from here. it is very useful but a lot of wording still goes over my head (can I blame preggie brain? LOL)
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