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Does 8yrs of mortgage payments count?

Hi, I have separated from my partner of 9 years. When we started living together she sold her house and bought our first house she contributed $150,000 to the house and I did not contribute anything. I had a stable income working in the coal mine in Qld. We had some equity in our house but due to reasons we borrowed on that equity and there is no equity left in the house. Now that we have separated I have signed the house over to her as it will be easy for me to start again. She is now working in the mines with me so she can take over the mortgage. She has told me that over the 9 yrs we've been together the mortgage repayments that I have made have just paid the interest on the loan and I have not contributed to the loan! She has told me that her solicitor has said the same thing! My own solicitor has told me different and so has other individuals have told me that my mortgage repayments do count. If I tell her that my solicitor has said this she will say that they will say that to make money and make it go to court! Am I right or am I just misguided?
In theory, the logic should go something like this:
(assuming no kids)

How much did you both contribute at the start of the relationship?
You = $0, her = $150,000
Then they take into account contributions for living.
This will include mortgage payments, food etc.

Then they will estimate a % contribution for you both and apply it to the asset pool….

But it really is academic anyways isn't it?
If you have zero equity, then it doesn't matter.
any % of $0 = $0.

Not sure what the issue is?
It seems there is nothing left to fight over?
Initial contributions are given greater weight in short relationships - yours is not short. Your mortgage payments do count as a financial contribution. There are also non financial contributions that count - maintaining the house, garden etc.

Why the arguments when there is zero equity?

What about super, savings etc - that is also property.

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