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Do I have any rights if the father has sole parental responsibility?


This is my very first time posting, so apologies in advance if I make any mistakes.

I am completing a 7 month residential program for addiction.

I am two children aged 5 and 9 and I stupidly signed consent final orders giving my ex Sole Parental Responsibilty. In return I was given a scaled visitation schedule per amount of time abstinent. My ex has not complied with any of the final orders, has been witnessed by staff at the rehab psychologically abusing the kids (reported to DOCS), has moved their schools twice in six months, takes them to his workplace at and leaves them unsupervised overnight and they have are cared for by a whole lot of different nannies, babysitters etc.

I recently applied to put the kids on the airport watch list as he had packed up the house, taken the kids out of school which is a concern as he has residency in Israel.

I was the primary carer for the children until a year ago and they are distressed and anxious because they don't get to see me regularly.

I  going to court on the 13th Aug, can anyone help please?

Firstly there is no need to make any apologies. You are to be commended for taking steps to beat your addiction.

What is the court appearance for on 13 August as there is not much time between now and then. What are your concerns that he will take them to Israel?

Can you provide some more details, but remember here on the forum your posts are visible so don't let your posts identify the parties.



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Hi Liberi!

Thank you do much for responding so quickly!
The court appearance on the 13th is a New Application filed in Federal Magistrates to put the kids on the airport watch list and to vary the orders to change the sole parenting back to shared.
I needed to do the application because my son told me that they had packed up their house and that they had finished up at school. They both came over after a visit to Flight Centre (my daughter gave me the salespersons card, she's only 5 and picked it up as a keepsake!). Their father told them that they were going on a holiday to China. As it turns out, my daughters passport had expired so they couldn't purchase tickets, but I became concerned and the rehab recommended that I go and see the duty solicitor at family court whilst I was waiting for legal aid. The duty solicitor helped me file the new application and she wrote my affadativ. As soon as the papers were served on my ex he re-hired his solicitor and they now have subpoenaed all my records from rehab which are favourable to me and have a lot of recorded incidents of his inconsistencies around visitation, erratic behaviour and not doing things in the best interests of the children. Also they have reported him to DOCS as has another community worker. He has now moved them an hour and a half away and changed their schools.
He has family in Israel and will get paid to move there
Thank you do much again…
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