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Court decisions and the current world "financial crisis"

Is there anyone experienced in these issues willing to speculate whether the Court would take into consideration the current financial crisis when making decisions?

My personal interest is to do with children's matters - but more generally,  I suppose there may be a greater impact on property settlements.

For example: if there is substantial travel involved with sharing the care of the children - would the price of fuel be considered?
I shall watch this with extreme interest. Six hours on the road to spend 4 hours with the child not only petrol costs but road tolls as well.

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It (petrol and travel costs) would be treated the same as they are now. It's a measure of the practicality (to the child) and can the parents afford it.

Parents who move, or are applying to move, should consider how they will manage these costs and if they are manageable for the other party, in their submission.

Typically costs should be shared. It is advisable that the time the child is spending time with is the one to do the pick up. This keeps costs to each parent the same and ensure there is no being late to a handover.

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