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Court Costs Help!!!!

Hi I need general help and advice. I am a single parent taking my ex partner to court for a temporary relocation order. I am going to have to self represent myself as can not financially afford to get legal help but my ex is employing a lawyer to fight me for over $400 per hour. I just want to know if i loose the case will i be liable for his court costs. He is telling me i will have to pay back all the court fees and his lawyer fees as i will loose against him and i would like to know where i stand. I am not in any financial sitation to afford legal help for myself let alone having to pay for his lawyers fees and hes trying to scare and manipulate me into pulling out of the case. imconcerned for all things and i want to know how indepth do they take these cases as he is just fighting back at me making up lies and trying to turn friends and family members against me but to no avail. I am not scared of him and not going to be pressured into pulling out when i believe its in the best interests of me and our child for this to occur but i just need help  and advice for self representing myself and how should i deal witht his emotional bullying tactic…
I am self representing in a property settlement (no Ch)
So far, I have paid nothing other that parking fees in a nearby parking station. Trial is in Feb.
I may be wrong, but I thought that if I do everything right, ie all paperwork in on time, no wasting courts' time, reasonable offers etc
that I wont be liable for the other partys' costs.
I really pays to read judgements on Austlii and this will give you a good idea about the way the system works.
I have read where the person who does not show in court is then liable to pay the other lawyers costs because of the time wasted.
Dont listen to the other party as the information they give is generally incorrect.
Read as much as you can
There is also a self representing manual on line
I too have self represented and won. I also had the other party requesting court costs against me… don't worry it is just a tactic. In family law matters, magistrates/judges are reluctant to award costs unless the other party has not done the right thing - i.e. vexatious, frivolous claims, time wasting, tell lies, so don't worry too much. In the majority of the cases, each bears their own costs.
The Fed Magistrates Crt runs info sessions for self represented litigants - suggest you try and attend one. Another way to have a crash course in family law and how the court works and when to sit, bow and stand is to actually attend some sessions. Also follow Rosey's suggestion about AustLii, you can cite the cases.
To make sure you are on the right track, bite the bullet and get a solicitor to check the paperwork you have prepared and about to submit - they are also able to witness your affidavits.
Good luck, keep calm and confident - think of the whole process as a chess game and try and anticipate the other party's mindset and moves.
I too self-represented.  I did nothing wrong told no lies, followed all the rules, was polite and courteous yet I was ordered to pay both the other sides costs (two parties). The other parties did everything wrong.  Went against the rules, violated court orders, violated code of conduct, made vexatious, frivolous claims, wasted time, told lies, so worrying about costs being ordered against you is reasonable.  The other parties had money, I had none.

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