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Costs order

If one is unfortunate enough to incur an order to pay the mother’s legal aid costs how is this money paid – to the court or directly to the opposition solicitor, in whose name the mother, solicitor or legal aid?

What happens if you can't pay it by due date?
Firstly if you owe legal aid money they never seem to send you a bill, so I would be more forthcoming and ring them up and ask for payment details.

You would be paying the legal aid commisson. If you owe them alot of money they will be pursuing you for it eventually. Start paying them now, a small ammount even if its $50 a week depending on how big the costs are they will leave you alone. Thats my experience who s know what they do if you have a large bill!

You never ever pay the oposition soli, they are allready payed for by the commissson who has released funds to them to continue to court. Every time they go to court the work is apporved by the commisson first.

IM not really sure what happens if you dont pay them a large ammount of money right away. Sometimes when there is a property settlement legal aid will make a deal with you to have the bills payed from the settlement. You might even have to get a loan or make a deal with them about payment.


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