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Contravention of Orders

Recently while I was sitting in the Federal Magistrates Court waiting for my case to be heard, a Contravention of Orders case was heard that included cross examination of each of the parties (one party was represented the other wasn't). There has been a lot of posts on this forum involving the withholding of children from contact, causing a lot of anguish, particularly to fathers. I think some heart can be taken by those wronged from the results of this case.

The mother withheld the child from the father over Christmas day and two weeks of the school holidays on the flimsiest of excuses. In a nutshell, the mother was found not to have had a reasonable excuse for withholding contact. She was placed on a few thousand dollars bond for two years and ordered to pay to what amounted to be roughly half the fathers legal costs (payment of $2,400).

An encouraging result to see the guilty party got more than a slap on the wrist, although the wronged party still has to come up with the initial dollars to obtain legal representation. His barrister was very good. Also the mother was in a financial position where she could pay.
Well done your honour! There's a sub forum on this site which encourages reporting of experiences with judges and magistrates. Feel free to give the good FM an honourable mention.

I've read a few cases involving family law extremes where the guilty parties were actually held in contempt of court and punished but they were exceptions rather than the rule. In this case the father is still out of pocket half his costs and his FTB and CS would more than likely suffer. Hopefully that can be remedied via CSA and court order.

If all parents who withheld contact knew that they'd be held to account it'd be far less frequent, consume far less time in courts, and above all kids would not be exposed to as much conflict and would ultimately be far better off.

Thanks for sharing some positive news!
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