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Consent order and mortgage

Just a simple qusetion... A consent order will remove my name off the title deed, but will it remove it off the mortgage if she doesnt refinance??
In our/my consent orders it said :-

Consent Orders said
Within 56 days of the making of these orders, the husband and wife shall do all things and execute all documents to transfer title xxxxxxx into the name of the husband solely.

Within 56 days of making these orders, the husband shall do all things necessary and sign all documents necessary to refinance the mortgage over the property xxxxxx into the sole name of the husband.

So I guess you will need to include something along the lines of the second paragraph (swapping wife and husband). However please heed other advice as this is just a single example.
The simple answer is absolutely no. You will need to deal with the financial institutions and also possibly consider stamp duty implications in some cases. Untying financial and complex business relationships is often not a simple exercise. Consider also joint credit cards, Joint accounts , vehicle transfers which will attract stamp duty and transfer fees in a number of cases. Even the boat and boat trailer will have to be tidied up. Air points and other card benefits have known to cause problems in some cases. You didn't say if you were thinking about consent orders / agreement or had some already mapped out.  :|

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Thanks for the replies.

I haven't agreed to anything yet because her proposal looks fairly unfair to me.

(See my other post if you can help me.)
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