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confused about initiating application, and final orders sought

My partner has just filed his initiating application for parenting orders, and in his affidavit he proposed that his daughter have 5 nights a fortnight with him by the time she is 5. He also wrote an email to his ex saying that's what he would like to aim for. His lawyer prepared the affidavit and application, and now that its been filed my partner is worried because the lawyer has stated on the application that the final orders sought are for equal time (and interim orders for the second fortnightly overnight to commence after 3 months). Although he would like equal time, thats not what he told the lawyer or his ex he wanted. He would be happy with 5 nights a fortnight, and is worried that the equal time proposal could antagonise his ex and make her determined to fight harder, thus dragging it out in court longer, also that it still does not seem to be the standard result for most fathers, so might be setting him up to fail. He is still confused about the court process, and what opportunities he and his ex will have to agree before either the interim or final hearing. We are worried about money and he wants to get out of the court process as soon as an agreement of about 5 nights a fortnight can be reached. Does anyone think this discrepancy between the application and the affidavit is a problem? He wondered if it is a strategy, or just a standard practice for the lawyer to state " equal time" in the final orders sought, even if the applicant would accept less. Any advice would be very much appreciated…
During each Court appearance there are opportunities to negotiate outside of the Courtroom with the other party.  5/9 is technically Shared Care so I wouldn't be too worried about the orders sought not being specific in that regard.  If your starting point is higher than what you will settle for then it could give you a little flexibility?     

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thanks for that, it probably does make sense to start higher. We just got a bit anxious about it, but have calmed down now...
Is this because there are no assets or financial resources? I only ask because it's not unheard of for there to be an amicable separation along with an 'understanding' that later turns sour.
Your lawyer is right to start at shared as it usually decreases in negotiation. Good luck
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