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Communication with my son

Father has no communication with his son when with his mother

Hi. Our court orders have my 5yo son spending every 2nd weekend with me. Whilst not ideal I can cope provided we talk from time to time when he is with his mother. The court orders also say that communication with the other parent is to be encouraged when he is with one of us and states this is to be nightly at 5.30pm by phone or Skype. I have provided my son with a mobile phone to facilitate this and also a laptop so we can Skype. Obviously being 5 he needs soem assistance with each of these from his mother.

The current situation is I now have no contact with my son when he is with his mother. Often the mobile is turned off or when it is not it is never answered so I assume it is turned to silent or not made available to him. Although he has had the laptop now for 3 months, not once has his mother set this up for him to use despite my repeated requests.

COntinual requests to her to address this have been ignored and I am now wondering if this is sufficent grounds to lodge a contravention order?
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