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CLAUSE at end of Lawyer letter for costs

At the end of X's lawyers letters, there is a last para that reads …

Note that this correspondence, and the reply, if any, may be tendered in court, particularly in relation to the issue of costs.

Does this mean the lawyers are going for costs in court ?

How they expect me to pay as I do not have monies ?

This is why I am representing myself, I cannot afford costs

Is there anything I can respond to this ?

I would interpret this as a suggesting that they are attempting to negotiate with you or sort out a particular situation  by correspondance rather than court, and that if you refuse or make matters difficult (requiring more of their time at more expense to your ex) they will tender this letter as evidence as to why you should be responsible for those costs.

It will depend on the context of the letter. If for example, they are formally informing you of an obligation that you are not fulfilling, then they may be warning you that your failure to comply will result in legal action, and that since you have been forewarned, they will be expecting you to reimburse the costs of that legal action. Costs aren't always an overall issue. You can be asked to pay for certain costs, but not for others. And if you have needlessly contributed to a particular legal expense, you may be held accountable for that. If you have no funds in hand, you can make an agreement to pay off even $5 a week until the amount is paid.

Bear in mind that just because they ask for costs, doesn't mean the costs will be awarded. It is generally at the discretion of the decision maker. Hope this makes sense, it's late and this is difficult to explain! :P
Don't worry, you wont get any order for cost. I applied for an order for costs several times on a very solid grounds even when I had paragraph in property orders that in case one party fails to comply they are to pay costs accosiated with enforcement of the orders, I occured around 15k in costs to enforce the orders and nothing happened, no enforcement and no costs. So take that letter to the toilet and forget about it.
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