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Children Separated

When children of a relationship live in separate houses


I am new to this forum and have come to find some advice on children from the same relationship between separated.  Such as one lives with the mother and one lives with the father?

What is the courts view on this happening?

Does anyone know of any cases where a judge has allowed this to happen?

More than just Shared care of the Children.

One child (my daughter) resided with me after my marriage breakdown and the other child (a son) resided with his father which was agreed upon in the Family Court under 'joint guardianship' and by all of us ,as in the best interests of the children. This was about 18 years ago and each child decided where they wanted to go on the school holidays and I, and their extended families, did the best we could to make this arrangement work. When their Dad or myself were not available their maternal and paternal grandmothers took charge.

When their father obtained a good job in the mines, his mother (my ex mother-in-law) stepped in to be carer during the school term and my son resided with me over the school holidays to spend time with his sister. The kids seem to like this arrangement, and it kept all parties happy. This arrangement was a great back-up for me when at times I was ill,  and not able to care for the children for a few weeks at a time and they still needed care. It wasn't all "smooth sailing" ,but worthwhile in the long run.

Hope this helps.

ps I have always kept my in-laws in touch with their grandchildren as their input into the kids lives were just so important!
Rare for children to be sepeated. But depends on circumstances.
Hi foreverhere,

In my case the father wanted one child to live with him.When a family report was done this was noted as the father signalling out this one child as a favourite for wanting this living arrangement, as he was excluding the other children from this request. The family consultant also said that this suggestion to the child resulted in enormous pressure on the child as she feels she is required to choose sides and is torn between the love and loyalty she has for both parents. The FC further said after some discussion the father realises siblings should not be separated and this pressure on a child to choose is unacceptable, inappropriate and very damaging to the child's emotional and psychological state.

……..That is how the psychologist in my case saw it so you would have to be careful that any request you made for separating siblings did not come across the same way.If both parents supported it like with KasScorpio it may be different,but if that was the case you wouldn't be in court I would assume??
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