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Case Assessment Conference WA COurt

Can anyone please give me advice on the Case Assessment Conference procedure with a family consultant that i shall be required to do prior to any hearings. I would really like to resolve the issues and get final orders without having to go to trial and would really appreciate advice on what kind of questions and things i should and should not say and also guidelines on how to act.   Do i need to take any kind of eveidence with me to show the family consultant or do i leave this until it goes to trial or in fron tof a magistrate. Its for a temporary relocation order for purely one year and need to build a good case in the best interests of my daughter. I do not want to get nasty with my ex husband because no matter what hes a good dad and loves his daugher but the situation at present with the volatility is not good for her or myself. Any constructive answers would be greatly appreciated.
You need to demonstrate that the move is not detremental to the child and that there will still be time spent with the father. Have answers to any negative the father will possibly see in this arrangement in as much as it is negative for the child.
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