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Query on the Wording of the Law

Hi there

I have been researching the terms of the Annulment Laws.  The Marriage Act 1961 section 23B 1dii states that the "consent is not real…as that party is mistaken to the identity of that party."

I did not know that my ex had major addiction issues.  He kept every item of pornography at his parents house in his old bedroom - the entire three suitcases full.  This addiction totalled our marriage.  I do not feel that I ever knew this person at all. The incredible length and depth of deception has been extraordinary.

Had I ever known of this addiction or its extent I would have ended the relationship immediately.  I certainly would not have married this man.

Do I have grounds for annulment?

Also on my side was expedient approval given 5 days before we were married when I had severe PND and a major undiagnosed underlying pancreatic disorder at the time.  I was VERY unwell and will have no issue producing specialist medical evidence to support this.

Why did we get married within 5 days? Because I knew it was the only way that I would not back out. I told him that at the time.

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