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Am i on the right track?????

i would like some assistance to if im on the right track here

ill give a run down of proceedings so far

- late last year i went a solicitor for advise and got them to send a letter to the ex for a mediation session (to try and get some sort of orders sorted without going through court proceedings) which she rejected
- so i got a initiating application and affidavit prepared by solicitor and lodged before xmas
- interim mention date early new year
- ex arrived with no rep applied for legal aid on the day!!!!!!! she had not filed a affidavit or a response a 2nd hearing date set and that the ex's paperwork be filed 14 days before - we request an ICL be appointed (approved) against exs wishes
- attended dispute conference (went as i expected)
- 2nd interim mention, after my solicitor and the icl initiated discussions to get some form of interim orders in place which took them a number of hrs as the ex and her solicitor were being quite uncooperative to wanting me contact with  my child against the icl's requests that i was to get more and consistent time
- we got some very basic orders in place in the end
- the FM set a interim hearing for end of this month
- where he said that -:  
- the father is to file and serve any further affidavits upon which he wishes to rely by next week (the FM said this must not exceed 10 pages)
- and to file case outline 5 days b4 the hearing

so where we are at today
after discussions with my solicitor this week due to unpaid fees (as i got the solicitor to do too much work) and needing to pay more before the hearing (which i had to pay up front) the solicitor has removed themselves from the case

so now im going to self represent

which brings me to my question as im a bit confused in this regards
-: the FM has said i have to file and serve any further affidavits upon which i wish to rely by next week
- does this mean that that im able to file an additional affidavit?
- or does it mean i add to my existing affidavit?
- i cant add any pages to my existing affidavit as its already 11 pages  and there is nothing i wish to remove from it

and to file a amended initiating application do i just use the same form as per my first application and advise the staff that its my amended application?

it is a hostile environment i'm in mine from the over 2 1/2yrs ago DV , respondents hostility is the present and refusal to mediate or negotiate no matter how often i asked

thank you in advance for your help
Don't get hung up about such a small issue. If you need, just do another affidavit which will be in addition to your earlier one.
It may be a small issue to some but for others it's these kinds of things that are stressful!
The proceedural stuff shouldn't be stressful. The answers are free and easy to get from the FMC 1800 number.
Sometimes the 1800 numbers/enquiry lines give different answers, depending on who you speak to. I agree it shouldn't be stressful.
thanks for help everyone it all went in today without any problems

stressful because i should of done the work weeks ago instead the last minute
case outline is next on the list
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