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I am divorced and have 5 children. Currently there are court orders in place between myself and my ex-wife that state 50/50 shared care of the children. On the 28th of November 2010 the children came into my care for a period of 4-6 weeks while my ex-wife got her meds changed for her epilipsy. That time came and went and ended up being 12 weeks. In this 12 week period my ex-wife saw the children approx. 40hrs and made 3 phone calls to the children. I went and seen my lawyer and started proceedings, but after having a meeting with my ex decided not to proceed because I believed that she would change I was wrong.

I have found since the children have gone back to her that they have been left at home with no adult care while she goes out on the town on 3 separate occasions.

Would like to know what you suggest that I do or you would do in the same/similar situation.
What are you wanting to achieve?
I guess what i'm trying/wanting to achieve is some stability and routine in my childrens lives which I managed to achieve while they were in my care. In the 12 weeks that I had them in my care they were happy and they were laughing. Within a few hours of them going back to their mother my eldest daughter was texting me to come and get her and her brothers as they didn't want to be there at their mothers my youngest being only 2 years old well she is happy anywhere I think.
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