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Where to find Dads in Distress

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Dads in Distress (DiDs) is dedicated to supporting men through the trauma associated with family breakdown. We do this by providing peer support groups and networks. Members have the opportunity to share, (without judgement) their experience with other men who have experienced similar.

If you need help call the DiDs national freecall number 1300 853 437

More information of DiDs can be found on the web site

We have groups in most states in Australia, with more starting regularly. Currently, there are about 50 groups in different locations.

Information on Group Locations, meeting times and local contacts can be found at
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Dads in Distress also host a web based discussion forum at

which is a usefull place for discussion and support. Personal attendance at a group where possible, is the best option.

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For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
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