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DiDs Government funding

DiDs forms ask for name and address. Is the Gov using DiDs to gather their statistics?

I went to DIDs and we were given some forms to fill in, to help DiDs with government funding.

The form I was filling had questions that resembled a survey - like: On what scale would you rate the family courts and views on the CSA.

What comes to my mind is the Gov is using DiDs to gather their statistics?

Has anyone else completed one of these forms?

Contact DIDS and ask them

I've completed one those "Intake Forms".

What did DIDS say about the form?

Have you asked their Head Office about it?

If you haven't asked them, you owe it to them and others to ask them as well as here:

Or call 1300 853 437

My understanding is that DIDS wants to get a better understanding of who is attending DIDS meetings and their issues so that they can both better meet the needs of those attending and also better make representations to government (CSA, AGs, etc) on behalf of and for Dads and their issues.

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Randall Pieterse said
Hi guys,

Being the author of these forms I'd like to add my two bobs worth.

By way of background, the questions regarding the CSA and FLC are information DIDS has identified as useful in its advocacy role - that's about it.

The purpose of one of the DIDS government funded projects is to gain stakeholder feedback about government service delivery - primarily the Child Support Agency - with a view to improvements for Dads.

What an opportunity DIDS has - to be paid by government to provide feedback on how Dads are experiencing the delivery of CSA services and the implementation of new legislation relevant to Child Support.

Government is paying DIDS so that Government can gain a clearer picture of how separated men are experiencing the system - how good is that?! Isn't that a good thing?

It is not about becoming a part of Government and just reporting details to them.  We do not provide individual details to Government.  That would be a breach of confidentiality and privacy laws.

Hi Randall.

That's a very good thing.

It might be an idea to put a small disclaimer on the form advising the purpose of the data collection and that no privacy issues will be breached.

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 

Privacy Disclaimer


A privacy disclaimer is included on the form and is located at the top, just under the form heading.

Perhaps the words "Government reports" might have been described in a different manner.

The top of the form reads:
DIDS Participant Intake Form


- The information requested is for the purpose of maintaining statistical data for funded projects as required by government, as well
as providing the organisation with details of participants, so as to improve service provision, and advocacy.

- All personal information will be held by and protected by Dads In Distress Inc.

- Government reports will contain anonymous information, and NOT include any participant's names or contact details.
Correct me if I am wrong.

This form also asked for my name, address and phone number?

If so, my details have been disclosed?

Good to hear about the funding.

At the last conference in Canberra Tony Miller indicated that there was to be no funding for DIDS.

I was very concerned by that - it seems that some funding got through now - THATS GREAT. Given the atrocious damage being done to men through the family court and CSA systems its good to see the government recognise at least SOME FUNDING - although at the same time I bet they spent more on the ad campaigns they have run over the last few months demonising men.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough

Personal Contact Details

monaro said
Correct me if I am wrong.

This form also asked for my name, address and phone number?

If so, my details have been disclosed?
You're not wrong.  But you do need to be corrected.

The form asks for you name and a contact phone number, just under the privacy information.  This way you know it is only for DIDS records; it is NOT sent to government.  Most organisations collect/record information from those who use their services - it helps them know who and what they working with and what the issues and concerns are.

At the end of the form, in a separate section, additional voluntary details are sought IF AND ONLY IF you want your other contact details to be recorded by DIDS - not government - for the purpose of sending you newsletters and other relevant information - from DIDS.  You don't have to provide it.  It's up to you.

At the end of the day, the form is not mandatory and we need to learn to read forms and ask if they are necessary and compulsory and if we have to complete them, in part or in whole.

I take it you haven't discussed this with DIDS.  And I'm curious why you chose to ask here first rather than the source?

You can contact DIDS on 1300 853 437.
"All personal information will be held by and protected by Dads In Distress Inc."

There is your answer Monaro. Mate, you really need to improve your comprehension skills - pay attention to detail. If you are self representing this is crucial. (This is not intended as a dig, but a suggestion).

Thanks Matrix.

Good work Randall. That is a very well written disclaimer.

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 

DiDs Funding

DiDs received funding under the Local Answers program for 3 projects, Western Sydney, North Coast NSW and a project in Victoria.

Whether DiDs will continue to deliver on the advocacy question remains to be seen!

A couple of people I know claim they have been told DiDs is moving to position itself as a Men's Health organisation.

Sometimes Matrix people ask questions to those they feel safe with and although I can not speak for monaro I can understand why he placed his query here.
DiDs Penrith said
DiDs received funding under the Local Answers program for 3 projects, Western Sydney, North Coast NSW and a project in Victoria.

Whether DiDs will continue to deliver on the advocacy question remains to be seen!
I can understand that view in relation to moving to a "Health" platform. Health funding is available from States and Federal Government. There is significant angst and technical delivery required in the role of an advocacy group where DiDS focus and it's massive success has been helping blokes at the coal face immediately after separation and during other life threatening crises. I know we for one would be at a greater disadvantage to be further apart. DiDS may well be evolving as it grows.

Whatever the path that DiDS heads down I can state that our organisation stands most assuredly beside those amazing and selfless facilitators, whose sole interest is the blokes that front at a DiDs meeting, offering some camaraderie and companionship. What other country in the world can provide the sorts of services and support you get from DiDS in Australia.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
 Was my post helpful? If so, please let others know about the FamilyLawWebGuide whenever you see the opportunity

Glad you asked Monaro

Hi fellas.

I don't normally get time to do much posting here unfortunately but I am lucky to have a couple of good men who keep me up to date and send through posts of interest.

I am interested in this one!

Thanks for the original question Monaro, it just goes to show that Dids as an organisation needs to do a little more to let group facilitators know exactly why these "intake" and "participant feedback" forms are so important and to clarify exactly what they are for and why we need this information.

Having said that, it's not rocket science guys, we need stats and information about your experience dealing with the services, that you say most affect your lives, because we all agree they need and should want to know?

They need to know what they are doing well and where they need to change or improve and surprise surprise, if you tell them in a language they understand (Numbers, graphs and tables) they are actually willing and listening to all the other language as well.

We (DiDs) need to know a little about you too, how old are you? How many kids are being affected? Are you further disadvantaged because you are from a culturally or linguistically diverse background? What demographic and areas have the biggest problems and worst experiences?

The reason we ask for a name, address, phone number etc, other than what has already been explained in previous posts, is because how else in our advocacy role are we going to be able to prove that these stats and your experiences are real and not just the product of a couple of men spending hours sitting in an office somewhere, ticking thousands of boxes.

Dads in Distress is not a corporation or an entity positioning itself to become anything other than what it is and what has always been (thanks DiDs Penrith). Dids Inc has two main functions and they have never changed:

1. To provide a safe forum for dads to come together to express their grief face-to-face, improve their social network and hopefully find ways to help support each other through the trauma of family breakdown. (This saves lives.)

2. To listen to and advocate for these dads through the services / agencies, forums and committees that invite our input like the CSA, Attorney Generals Dep't, Social Services, FRC's, FaHCSIA and many others in ever increasing numbers. (This helps drive positive interactions and therefore change.) (This will also help save lives.)

Some aspects of what we do cost very little other than some time from the selfless big hearted dads who volunteer their time and energy to be there for you.

Other roles that we are continually growing into require money and resources that the dads who are most in need can least afford to pay. The cost of expanding into rural areas, operating the 1300 service, accounting, advertising, administration, communications, training, travel, accommodation expenses to do the advocacy and support work we do.

Why is it that we don't question giving our name and number to the $60 per hour service but inherently distrust the guys who will give you a hand up for nothing but a gold coin and a bit of good will from you!

Dads in Distress is not there to provide something for dads to come and take, it's a place where you can feel safe to come and share. Give a little of yourself to someone else who can't seem to find a way to get back up, a dad in distress, a mate. Helping a dad get back on his feet is helping a kid get back on theirs or sometimes a mum get back on hers and you may be surprised at the benefits this brings with it.

Dads new to separation need to hear your stories face-to-face, good and bad; that's how we all avoid making the same mistakes. For me, when I came to a dids group for the first time, I started to see myself reflected in the other guys and started to really see and hear myself for the first time it years. Nothing about my circumstances has really changed since then but I have.

This is not a battle between men and women, or mums and dads; it's a battle for the best we can achieve and be for our kids and in that forum most of the services and agency workers, men and women that I meet seem to be finding some common ground.

It remains to be seen whether DiDs will continue to deliver on the advocacy question? (Thanks again DiDs Penrith.)

Well a couple of people I know claim they that you can't always get what you want but that sooner or later you will get paid for what you do!

I try hard not to listen too much to these people myself however and prefer to ask a question rather than make statements, especially if I really want it answered?

I know that many of us out there are still hurting after many years and I am one too, so let's stop adding to each others burden and keep sharing it instead.

Please don't knock the men who are doing and help us give a hand up to those who can't. Plan an event that brings dads and families together; we will help you, start a support group with a few separated dads in your area, pick up the phone and call 1300 853 437 and ask us a question but please never think that we are not all separated dads with kids just like you.

I hope you keep going to the group Monaro, because we also need you to fill out the "participant feedback form", we are happy for you to fill it out anonymously and it has a comments space where you can explain why you were uncomfortable about giving your name and address. We are listening and please be assured that your personal information will never be passed on to anyone else, sold to a junk mail company or passed on to any other government dep't or agency.

At least I hope not, I have already filled out both.

Kind regards

Laurence Anderson
DiDs Vic
monaro said
Correct me if I am wrong.

This form also asked for my name, address and phone number?

If so, my details have been disclosed?
I bring to your attention the last line of monaro's quote.

Please note that a negative question is often misunderstood. The statement reads "If so, my details have been disclosed" and reading the posts you would ,at first glance, think monaro was not reading the responses and stating that DiDS is giving his details to all and sundry. (Which we know is not correct.) …

BUT the addition by monaro of a QUESTION MARK at the end completely turns this around. The "?" could easily be overlooked. Replies (Whispers) have been made that in fact do overlook the application of the "?".

I just bring this to your attention because sometimes we may be in a rush to respond to posts, and as many posters have a very varied use of the Australian language, we should be careful to ensure context. We must learn also to "read between the lines" in some posts to try and figure out what a poster is trying to say. An art indeed.

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