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WA Cases now to be treated the same way as other CS cases.

WA ex-nuptial child support adoption of laws legislation has received Royal Assent. The legislation in effect today (03/03/2011).



Yesterday, Child Support (Adoption of Laws) Amendment Bill 2009 received Royal Assent from the Governor of Western Australia and today it becomes law. This means all domestic child support cases are now to be treated in the same way.


Western Australia (WA) has not referred its power to the Commonwealth to make laws about children whose parents are not married (ex-nuptial children). Therefore, the Child Support Program (CSP) has had to make different arrangements for child support cases involving WA ex-nuptial children (i.e. WA ex-nuptial cases) pending the adoption of child support amendments by the WA Parliament.

On 24 February 2011 the Western Australian (WA) Parliament adopted all amendments to child support legislation made since 1 July 2008.

The changes come into effect today - the day after the legislation received Royal Assent from the Governor of Western Australia.

What is changing?

The WA adoption of laws means WA ex-nuptial cases will now be treated in the same way as all other child support cases.

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