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Government working on a "whole series" of long term changes

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Currently there are a few things underway. In July 2010 there will be changes implemented to align the way that the Family Assistance Office and the CSA calculate level of care. However this is not a legislation change rather that the CSA are being made to follow the legislation in this regard. Basically day time care has generally not been considered as recognisable by the CSA to date, but the Family Assistance Office do recognise it.

There is an ongoing project in regard to the change of assessment process and the SPCA is involved with this. This may result in legislation changes.

There is also another project, again which obtained input from the SPCA. I understand that this project is an effort to improve efficiency (i.e. cut the cost to the Government).

I'd suggest that this announcement has been made due to the fact that elections are coming up and really it's a combination of the above and as such nothing new just Mr Rudd trying to cash in some brownie points for the points lost in the election battle. However it may stir Mr Abbot to respond with some ideas from the party that is a little less likely to see CS as a means to increase revenue via what is indirect taxation due to the FTB clawback component.

Here's what's on :- said
PRIME minister Kevin Rudd has flagged year-end changes to Australia's child-support system, saying the present arrangements are causing many families angst.

Mr Rudd today acknowledged that the system, which requires a non-custodial parent to make a financial contribution to the other parent for the care of their children, was a matter of "huge controversy".

"A whole lot of families are going through a whole lot of angst on this," Mr Rudd told Channel 7's Sunrise in answer to a question from Emily Turner, of Sydney.

The Government was working on a "whole series" of long-term reform proposals.

It was important to ensure the reforms were "absolutely right" because any changes would affect many families, Mr Rudd said.

"Our anticipation is the changes to the system will be made by year's end."
Where can we find out more about the project on COA process?
       there's a little on here. Basically to date, the project has implemented a test where SCO's for some new COA's are getting involved within a few days rather than much further along. The last I'd heard was that 50 cases had had this earlier intervention, apparently there is something like 500 COA's per week.

here's a link to the topic COA Process reforms
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